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What is the advantage of dual control in Car Driving training school vehicle?

Dual control in a car driving training school vehicle has several advantages, including:

1. Safety: Dual control allows the driving instructor to take control of the vehicle if the student makes a mistake or if there is an emergency. This can prevent accidents and ensure the safety of both the student and the instructor.

2. Confidence-building: Knowing that the instructor has control over the vehicle can help build the student’s confidence and reduce anxiety while driving.

3. Better learning: Dual control allows the instructor to provide real-time feedback and correct mistakes immediately. This can help the student learn faster and more effectively.

4. Control over speed: Instructors can use the dual control to control the speed of the vehicle, especially in situations where the student may be driving too fast or too slow.

5. Increased comfort: Dual control can make the student feel more comfortable while driving, knowing that the instructor has the ability to take control if necessary.

Overall, dual control is an important safety feature in car driving training school vehicles that can help students learn to drive more effectively and safely.

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