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How to Ride Bike and Scooty for the first time ? Simple Trips and Tracks

If you are riding a bike or scooty for the first time, here are some simple tips and tracks that you can follow:

1. Wear protective gear: Before you start riding, make sure you wear a helmet, gloves, and other protective gear to keep yourself safe.

2. Start in a safe area: Choose an open and safe area to start riding. A parking lot or an empty street is a good place to start.

3. Familiarize yourself with the controls: Make sure you are familiar with the controls of the bike or scooty. This includes the brakes, accelerator, clutch, and gears.

4. Start slowly: Start the bike or scooty and move forward slowly. Practice balancing the vehicle by keeping your feet on the ground.

5. Practice turning: Practice turning the vehicle by leaning gently in the direction you want to turn. Make sure you look in the direction you want to go.

6. Practice shifting gears: Once you are comfortable with the basics, practice shifting gears. Start with lower gears and gradually move to higher gears.

7. Practice stopping: Practice stopping the vehicle by applying the brakes gently. Make sure you come to a complete stop before putting your feet down.

8. Follow traffic rules: Always follow traffic rules and signals while riding. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Keep practicing in a safe and open area until you feel confident enough to ride in traffic. With time and practice, you’ll become a skilled rider.

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