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Bicycle learning school in Guwahati | How to ride a bicycle?

bicycle that is the right size for you and suits your needs. Ensure the seat height is adjusted properly, and the tires are properly inflated.

2. Find a safe and open space: Look for a flat, open area with minimal traffic where you can practice riding without any obstacles or distractions.

3. Start with balance and coordination exercises: Begin by straddling the bicycle with your feet flat on the ground. Practice balancing and getting a feel for the bike by leaning from side to side.

4. Get familiar with the controls: Familiarize yourself with the bicycle’s controls, such as the brakes and gears. Practice using them to gain confidence and control over the bike.

5. Start pedaling: Place one foot on the ground and push off with the other foot to start pedaling. Keep your feet parallel to the ground and maintain a steady pedaling motion.

6. Maintain a proper riding position: Sit upright on the saddle, with your back straight and your head up. Keep a relaxed grip on the handlebars and use your core muscles to maintain balance.

7. Practice steering and turning: Start with gentle turns, gradually increasing the difficulty as you gain confidence. Use your body weight and lean into the turns to maintain balance.

8. Learn how to stop: Practice using the brakes to slow down and come to a complete stop. Start with gentle braking and gradually increase your confidence in using the brakes effectively.

9. Build up your skills: Continue practicing riding in different environments, such as on roads or in parks. Gradually increase your speed and distance as you become more comfortable and confident.

10. Stay safe: Always wear a helmet and follow traffic rules when riding on roads. Be aware of your surroundings and use hand signals to communicate your intentions to other road users.

Remember, learning to ride a bicycle takes practice and patience. Start slow, be consistent, and gradually build up your skills. Don’t be discouraged if you face some challenges along the way. With time and practice, you’ll become a confident cyclist.

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