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  • 8Weeks


DrivingTech It is our solution of car simulator type tourism and has been designed to enable both basic (entry-level) and advanced training, education, certification and training. DrivingTech has been designed to achieve a level of immersion that allows training in a realistic, safe and efficient environment. Software DrivingTech allows you to select vehicles of all categories and of different power ranges, being able to configure the exchange rate for each of them (manual or automatic). It has a pedagogical plan that can be adapted based on the needs of each client and it is integrated into the DrivingTech software ecosystem, so that it is possible to view the telemetry in real time and manage the student's session from the instructor's station or review and analyze the session reports later from the DrivingTech online platform.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


₹ ১,৫০,০০০.০০


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